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For those passionate about art there is something quite special about owning an original piece. Whether a fine oil painting that that graces the drawing room fireplace, or a beautifully crafted sculpture that proudly adorns the meeting point between twin staircases, an original piece creates a very special feeling in art aficionados.

The Limited Edition Print

That said, for whatever reason an original piece may sometimes be unattainable. For example, the piece being sought may already be in the hands of another collector – but you just can’t live without owning it for yourself. Therefore, you may instead opt for a ‘limited edition print.’
And why not?

I have a colleague whose child is obsessed with a famous British artist who specialises in cartoon art. With originals often going for between five and six figures, prints of Giclée with a touch of glaze are often mistaken for originals by those with no art knowledge – perfect for a child’s room.
Some collectors even like to invest in a quality original while purchasing a couple of prints to sit by its side. Maybe keeping the original in a secure location, while putting the copies on display.

There are many reasons to invest in prints, and there’s no shame in owning them. Especially when such care is often taken to make them appear like the original – to the untrained eye if not the expert.

Just How Limited are They?

Another factor that often sways buyers is the number that appears on the frame. 3/20 suggests there are only 20 copies of this print in existence, and if you make a purchase today you’ll have the third copy ever produced within your possession.
If only that were true.

When you are looking at a print that states the number, very often what it is really saying is the quantity in this precise issue or run. It could very well be that there are only 20 printed in the run, but then the print is available in several different sizes. This means there could be 20 editions in each available size.

By the time you’ve finished doing the sums, there could literally be thousands of this print available, in a variety of sizes.
And this is only in your country.
Take a quick flight to a neighbouring nation and you could find thousands more versions, as the print you have your eye on is available as other limited edition runs elsewhere.

And if this isn’t enough to leave one feeling a little depressed, very often you can buy these works unframed, looking just as good and at a fraction of the cost. Of course, having an unframed piece means you won’t have a number on the back proudly announcing how “limited” it is…
…or isn’t.

The value of expertise.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

If you want to make sure the piece you’re buying is a guaranteed original, or a true limited edition, but are afraid of making the wrong choice – Florian Kappe’s small team of dedicated professionals are ready to help. Please get in touch today.
This way you can admire your piece, safe in the knowledge it’s not being devalued by being printed as many times as a certain musical butler.