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Florian Kappe Fine Arts is a reliable and trusted partner in the art world.

We are an independent boutique – a small team of dedicated professionals, project managers and marketers fully behind the Florian Kappe brand – acting on behalf of, and in the interest of both individual and institutional clients.

Art is, for us, more than a passion. It is an integral part of our life – a lifestyle choice that encapsulates the emotions and creativity of the human soul.

In today‘s frenetic twenty-four hours global marketplace, with an ever expanding competitive and diversifying world, important decisions can be swayed purely by emotions.

When investing in art, having by your side a trusted and an experienced consultant to provide the much needed knowledgebase, and ensure that valuable research and crucial due diligence is done, is an imperative for both your wallet and your piece of mind.

Our goal is to professionally assist you in your decision making process and as informatively as possible whilst ensuring that your passion never gets distracted in that most important investment.



florian-kappe2Born and raised in the region of Frankfurt Am Main, Florian Kappe started out his adult life as a semi-professional tennis player, attending international tournaments. This regimented lifestyle of rigorous training, strict dieting and meticulous timetabling has honed a personality revolving around self-discipline and trust.

Florian is more than an art aficionado – he lives and breathes art. He fell in love with art when his family was offered one of Gerhard Richter’s abstract paintings. That first encounter elicited such fascination that his curiosity lead him through a journey of self- education and self-discovery into the wonderful world of art.

Active on the international circuit, Florian has elevated his company to be now a well-respected art consultancy and dealership boasting a growing list of prestigious clients. The quality of artwork and collections he is associated with, are testimony of his reputation.

His relentless quest for new talents in the contemporary art market is a persistent hobby that differentiates him from other players. He is always on the lookout for the revolutionary, for the unseen or as he puts it “the never seen before” style of painting which will kick start a new period – he believes it is time for something new.