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Sabrina Terence

Sabrina Terence is a record setting Abstract Artist that became the first to successfully send her artwork 65 km (over 200,000 feet) high into space in October of 2016. She discovered her interest in art in 1998 during her first painting lesson while living in Germany. Since then, she has attended many art exhibitions worldwide such as Art Basel, Art Berlin, and Art Fair Singapore to name a few.

Sabrina attributes her inspiration as an artist to abstract art as she finds her artistic creations to be fresher and more sophisticated. Utilizing a precise blend of acrylic and oil on canvas, she creates her signature work consisting of bright and bold colors with various effects and techniques.

“I create art because I love playing with colours and for me, painting is the ultimate meditation and creative expression. My paintings are about energy, color, and feelings. My work has a spiritual bent and is a result of continual exploration.”


Wolfram Bühler

Based in Aschaffenburg, Wolfram Bühler is an artist who expresses his imagination and surreal experiences through art. His unique and captivating style is characterised by thin, finite brush strokes made with gouache on cardboard. Bühler’s methods depict his character – a desire for perfectionism in his life – with one work taking him up to 4 months to complete. ‘We (humans) are a mathematical construct that is exclusively designed to find the source of error and correct accordingly’ he explains, presenting a daring hypothesis on human life which he aims to convey in his work. Most often characterised as op-art, Bühler’s methods are demanding and require an immersive experience during their creation, working in multi-dimensional, symbolically laden rooms. Dominated by geometric shapes, his works contain symbolic and religious meanings drawn from Buddhism and the Freemason movement.



Stefan Szczesny

Perhaps best known for the co-founding of the German ‘junge wilde’ movement in the early 1980’s, Stefan has drawn inspiration from the works of Picasso and Matisse. A painter, sculptor and draughtsman, Szczesny experimented with abstract and minimalist art in his early career, but his work most commonly connects with the figurative movement. His work is both diverse and globally recognised, encompassing a range of subject matter from paintings of the Caribbean to portraits of cultural figures such as Jimi Hendrix. In 1996 he founded the “Szczesny Factory”, modelled on the large-scale workshops of the Italian Renaissance and Warhol’s Factory. As a result, Szczesny has been able to increase his participation in a wide- range of activities, including book publications, architectural projects and collaborations – most recently with the car manufacturer Jaguar.


Maximilian Wiedemann

Redefining Graffiti Art, Maximilian Wiedemann has been commissioned by major global brands and well known celebrities such as Kate Moss, Bono, Anne Hathaway, Elle MacPherson and Karl Lagerfeld. Creating eye catching, pop-art style works using methods utilising spray paint, screen-print, neon sculptures and installations to document the populist culture of the new millennium, Wiedermann cites Warhol and Basquiat as among his primary influences. His complex, multi-layered works are thought provoking in the extreme, reflecting cultural iconography through stylised themes, with one of his recurrent themes being the enduring juxtaposition between money and love. Wiedermann describes himself as ‘a camera lens for modern celebrities’, a diarist recording the hidden detail of the modern cultural habitat through the creation of art rather than words



Raphael Rack

Raphael Rack is an internationally recognised artist with works on show at global institutions such as the “Deutsche Bank” in Frankfurt, as well as the “Commerzbank” in Bad Homburg, both in Germany. Rack’s works are predominantly abstract, using a wide range of colours and techniques to create paintings which are at the same time explicit and intriguing. Most recently, he has created works as a reaction to some of the terrorist atrocities across the world, using his art to convey his feelings of shock, sadness, sympathy and hope for the future of the world. Rack possesses enormous creative energy, and his reactive works effectively communicate his inner feelings though the use of bold colour coupled with finer, more subtle detail.


Mayk Azzato

Based in Frankfurt, Mayk Azzato is a renowned German photographer with an international client base from the world of television, sports and entertainment. Azzato’s most famous clients include Bill Clinton, Kevin Costner and 50 Cent. Azzato’s work for celebrities and VIP’s first brought him to the attention of the public around 15 years ago. Since then he was worked on a range of projects with leading global brands as diverse as Audi, Nintendo and Suziki, and his reportage style photography has become increasingly popular. His best known project to date is entitled “Nobody is perfect”. Most recently, he has been afforded the accolade of shooting for Germany’s Next Top Model.



Heinz Moldt

Born in 1951, Heinz Moldt started to work as a graphical designer for a boutique artistic agency. His works were exceptional, featuring surreal washing machines on stilts in a desert which Dali couldn’t have made up better – or electronics hanging on Franz Marcian deers. Encounters of a new millennial was the title of this yearly calendar contributions for AEG.

After successfully having climbed the ladder of corporationsmarketing departments, Moldt was missing the freedom that commissioned work shortened. He decided, to become independent.

This step truly evolved his art, from the adaption of old masters, to his own style – that can be described – like Moldt himself – as large, colorful depicting of human interaction.

“Tensions are what defines interpersonal contacts – only they can create room for energy and emotions – for everything that moves our hearts and touches our souls. Throughout my paintings you can feel it through the clash of contrasts. Red on green, dark on light, a sharp line on a soft form. They are facing each other in confrontation, in competition, in tender admiration.”

Parts of his work can be seen at the headquarters of Deutsche Bank and offices of Morgan Stanley, SAP and Nestle in Frankfurt, among many others. Past exhibitions included Neckermann in Frankfurt, Schlosshotel Buehlerhöhe, and the 600 square meter space at the Osram Höfe in Berlin, Galerie in der Hochstr. 49 “13 days between”, Frankfurt Airport: Moments in time and space, Markgrafenhaus am Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin showcase of 15 paintings, Galerie Prento and Wiesel, Wiesbaden, CityTower, Offenbach.


Donna McCain

Born in Würzburg, Germany as an American citizen, Donna has called two countries home ever since. Moving back and forth between the USA and Germany, both cultures have influenced her life and work.

As early as the age of six, her schoolteacher discovered her strong urge for creativity. Not only interested in the fine arts, Donna also displayed talent for music and started singing in bands at age sixteen.

Donna McCain is a renowned artist working in Germany, Austria, and throughout the United States. She has been especially successful in Austria, where she has received many art awards, like the “Initiative Wirtschaft fuer Kunst” (Austrian Business Committee for the Arts) award of the year 2000. McCain’s creative work is diverse, ranging from paintings and sculptures to various media projects.

Throughout the years, she has even held lectures and seminars over spiritual subjects on a regular basis.

In 2011 Donna started her career in the music business as a singer with band WolveSpirit. WolveSpirit has released multiple critically-acclaimed albums placing them in the German charts at rank 32 in 2016.

Yet, it is her paintings that truly express the essence of Donna McCain. She has received high reviews for projecting this luminous, dynamic, and spiritual energy onto her abstract paintings in such a playful way. 

Take a moment and let yourself be enchanted by her living and breathing art. McCain’s work seems to be from another world – touching the cosmic energy and transmitting it for us to experience on Earth.



Bernd Luz

Bernd Luz’s creates mixed media littered with image citation. Since 2013 he has dedicated his time to the Abstract Pop artistic genre which he himself named, a style which combines abstract images and pop art, gaining an international reputation as a result. Luz’s works represent a range of complex issues. “I depict the things that move me”, stated Bernd Luz, an approach which ensures he avoids being labelled in any fixed categories. One focus of his art, however, lies in the integration and realisation of themes drawn from the world of automobiles. These artworks relate to historic events and vehicles in motor racing, a reflection of the past, depicted with contemporary expression and vision.